Introducing – Kamiliant an entirely new expression of what luggage can be
The exciting new travel brand that invites you to express yourself as you explore the world. Inspired by and named for the chameleon, Kamiliant is a bold new way to be yourself and to be well-spotted, wherever you go.
Color makes a statement. What you wear and the hues you choose reflect your personality. Kamiliant takes color to the next level so that your individuality is clear no matter where your travels take you. Kamiliant is the luggage that is tough enough to take care of your belongings and bright enough to stand out from the crowd. To explore more about Kamiliant, you may contact us at enquiry@kamiliant.com

Colorful Expression & Perfect Adventure

Kamiliant was developed in 2014 with adventurous travelers in mind. Inspired by the colors and hardiness of the chame leon, the brand’s philosophy is to offer luggage which is colorful, tough, and reliable to reveal the travelers’ personality and to take care of them during their adventures. Kamiliant luggage comes with a worldwide, limited one-year warranty.
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